How to Force Thunderbird to Open Links in Browser of Choice

There are some hints and how-tos around to achieve this. Mainly it is suggested to tweak thunderbird's config editor:

Open Thunderbird and go to: Edit - Preferences - Advanced - Config Editor...

Then search for or create the following entries:

Insert your browser of choice in every case.

That didn't help me at all though. Thunderbird just did nothing when I clicked on a link.

Then I found a hint from ninian in an Arch linux forum here. He suggested to dump the old mimeTypes.rdf file in your Thunderbird profile. I went for a different solution and just edited the file:

Close Thunderbird.

With your file manager or in a terminal go to:

Open the file
mimeTypes.rdf in an editor and look for NC:alwaysAsk="false".

Where it occurs in combination with urn:scheme:handler:http and externalApplication:http change the value to "true".

DON'T do the same for
urn:scheme:handler:https/externalApplication:https. It will brake Thunderbird's update abilities.
(And don't change any other NC:alwaysAsk="false" to "true". That too causes Thunderbird to display odd behavior!)


Save the file. Start Thunderbird. Click on a Link. It should now ask you what to do and you can point Thunderbird to your browser. E.g.: /usr/bin/firefox

Have fun!