It's mostly about Linux. Mainly a reminder for myself. Anything which took me a while to figure it out and thus is worth to write it down.

After Unity and Gnome Shell were introduced to the Linux-world I had, as many others, a hard time to find a suiting distro. Having been a contented Ubuntu user for many years I hopped from distro to distro. The most satisfying of which were Linux Mint and Arch Linux. Recommended!

However looking for something that is not Ubuntu and more stable than Debian testing or Arch (or less demanding to maintain) I (re-)discovered Crunchbang. A small Linux distro based on Debian stable and Openbox. I absolutely love it.

So this blog will be about Linux, Debian, Openbox and Crunchbang (and anything else interesting that comes to my mind).

The site itself is a work in progress. I started it to accustom myself with html. It's obvious that it has a poor design and view features. Hopefully it gets better over time.

Any content is originally mine and shouldn't be copied without my permission. Anything written down here is purely my opinion without any claim to state the absolute truth and clearly without the intention to insult anybody.



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born 1972 in Munich
1991 to 2010 farming and gardening
since spring 2011 retraining it system integration