ArchBang List of Packages, Posted 2010-10-07 by WillXTrEmE

They can be found here. Just wanted to make sure they don't get lost.

-==File Manager==
pcmanfm -> the file manager

-==Archive Manager==-
xarchiver ->the archive manager
zip-> ZIP support
unzip-> ZIP support
unrar-> RAR support
p7zip->7z support (it also creates a 7zFM shortcut)
arj-> ARJ support
lzma-utils-> LZMA support
lzop-> LZOP support
(tar/gzip/bzip2 are included in base package)

-==Task Manager==-
tint2 > lightweight & highly configurable task manager
tintwizard > a GUI wizard which generates config files for tint2 panel
gsimplecal > lightweight calendar for when you click on the clock

xorg-server (part of Xorg's base package)
xorg-xinit (part of Xorg's base package)
xorg-utils (part of Xorg's base package)
xorg-server-utils (part of Xorg's base package)
mesa -> for 3D support
xorg-drivers -> group of video drivers (for the live CD)
xorg-xkill -> it pwns windoze's ctrl+alt + delete

alsa-firmware -> required to make some sound card work/mic
alsa-utils -> contains alsamixer
alsa-oss -> to allow OSS applications to work w/ software mixing
volumeicon -> volume manager

-==lovely Openbox==-
openbox > Great window manager
obkey-git > to edit keybindings
obconf > its configuration manager
obmenu > user friendly menu editor :P
oblogout >logout manager
openbox-themes >set of themes
openbox-menu > for icons in the menu

-==Wallpaper manager==-
nitrogen >lovely

-==Text based system monitor==-
conky ftw

-==Open a program in a blink==-
gmrun > classic & you can run other commands
dmenu-xft > just for launching but its awesome

-==Eye Candy==-
xcompmgr-dana > only thing required

lxappearance >to customize look & feel
catfish > lost something?
fbxkb > change kb language
gucharmap > simple character map
gnome-disk-utility > disk management
xfburn > Burn CD/DVD (it was ditched because it used to depend on hal)
leafpad > simple text editor
rxvt-unicode-patched > THE BEST TERMINAL IN THE WORLD
urxvt-clipboard > to paste urvt's selection elsewhere
parcellite > clipboard manager
hardinfo > gives info on your system
arandr > screen resolution
batti > battery monitor which also shows remaining time
lxinput > Input Device Preferences
galculator>a calculator
geeqie > image viewer
scrot > take a screenshot
zathura > lightweight pdf viewer

gnome-mplayer > for video
deadbeef > for sound

firefox-aurora > browser
transmission-gtk > torrent

-==login manager==-
slim -> login manager
slimlock -> to lock the screen

-==flash & codecs==-
gstreamer0.10-plugins >codec support
flashplugin -> you need this

networkmanager >a simple network manager
network-manager-applet > gui
xfce4-notifyd > required
gnome-keyring > to store authentication details

-==Other stuff==-
dialog >required for the installer
vcp >required for the installer
base-devel >required for packer & making pkgs
sudo > power thirsty?
squashfs-tools > needed for the live CD
ntfs-3g > NTFS support
ntfsprogs > NTFS fs utils
packer > best tool to get AUR pkgs
consolekit > framework for defining & tracking users, login sessions, and seats
dnsutils -> dig host nslookup (needed to perform DNS requests through proxy)
rsync -> A file transfer program to keep remote files in sync
dosfstools-> DOS fs utils
paccheck > tool to detect compromised packages
gnome-menus > required by openbox-menu
cairo-ubuntu > uber font rendering
fontconfig-ubuntu > uber font rendering
freetype2-ubuntu > uber font rendering
libxft-ubuntu > uber font rendering
bash-completion > improves & extends the reach of Bash's native auto-completion

-==Themes & icons==-
gnome-carbonate-icon-theme > used by default
gnome-icon-theme > required by some applications
hicolor-icon-theme > required by some applications
gtk-engine-murrine > required by some applications
gtk-engines > required by some applications