Crunchbang Screenshot Tour

Here's a little screenshot tour of the crunchbang live session. Done in a Virtualbox virtual machine. A tour of the installation process will follow shortly.

Boot menu:

boot menu

Clean desktop:

clean desktop

desktop explained

Desktop with menu:

desktop with menu

Apps: Geany (editor), VLC (media player, all codecs already there!)

apps geany vlc

Apps: Thunar (file manager), Terminator (terminal), GCalcTool (calculator)

apps thunar terminator gcalctool

Apps: Gigolo (network browser), Abiword (word processor), Gimp (image processor) is there too!

apps gigolo abiword

Apps: GUI config tools for openbox (from top left to right bottom: OBApps - configure applications, Openbox Configuration Manager - configure window borders, fonts and more, Appearance Settings - theme and icons, Obmenu - for the desktop menu)

config tools

Apps: Iceweasel (debians name for firefox web browser) with custom crunchbang google search


Shutdown dialog


No Plymouth (boot animation) any more!

no plymouth

There is more to discover!

Download crunchbang here


and try it for yourself!